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Fixed under the floor joists FOILBOARD greatly improves the thermal performance of the floor.

With an existing house where it is impossible to get into walls and roof space is limited FOILBOARD offers a "last chance" to lower heating costs and improve comfort, especially under feature timber floors.


Installation of FOILBOARD™
INSULATION PANEL and FLOOR SADDLES is best done after joists are fixed to bearers and before yellow tongue or strip flooring is laid down. It is recommended that for best-fit plumbing rough in and all other services underfloor are complete. FOILBOARD™ INSULATION PANEL is lightweight, easy and safe to handle. It may be easily cut to size with a long snap blade knife. Off-cuts can be taped and re-used.

Space FOILBOARD™ FLOOR SADDLES on top of floor joists at approximately 600mm centres. Saddles should be spaced 200mm from end of sheet. At double joists simply cut the FOILBOARD™ FLOOR SADDLE in half and fasten with a nail. Push FLOOR SADDLES down so that the specially designed teeth can grip the joist.

Cut FOILBOARD™ INSULATION PANEL to size to fit in-between joists. Place sheet between joists, resting on the lip of the FLOOR SADDLES. Gently apply pressure tothe FOILBOARD™ INSULATION PANEL until it clicks into place with our patented lock-in flap design. This will prevent wind and vermin from unsettling the sheet from underneath.

For a perfect job sheets should be taped where they join. Tape or silicone gaps and holes to prevent air infiltration that lowers the 'R' value.

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