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FOILBOARD is more than just insulation - when used externally on framed walls it provides a weatherproof shield which enables internal trades to proceed without waiting for brickwork or cladding completion.

Since paper based products are not used in its manufacture FOILBOARD does not defoliate or breakdown in prolonged wet and windy conditions. Our exclusive fasteners ensure that FOILBOARD will withstand severe weather.

INSTALLATION SUGGESTIONS - Installation of FOILBOARD is best done after frame, bracing, roof, fascia, windows and plumbing rough in are all complete and frame inspection is passed. Please note: for a proper fit, plumbing should be connected to floor joist or 400-500mm above bottom plate. Electrical wiring should be done after FOILBOARD is installed. In windy conditions it is suggested that the windward side is sheeted first, thus sheltering the rest of the job. FOILBOARD may be easily cut to size with a long snap blade knife, handsaw, or breadknife.

The top sheets should be fitted first (push up until they hit the underside of rafters) cutting and fitting around rafters will then be avoided. 3 fasteners per stud are recommended in windy situations. The FOILBOARD can be butt joined using the tape provided with the fasteners. Joins do not need to be on studs or noggins. For a perfect job sheets should lap onto top and bottom plates even if by only 10mm. Lintels should be covered and sheets butted at corners. Tape gaps and holes to prevent air infiltration which lowers "R" value.

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