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Laurie Moylan – founder of Foilboard® Insulation Panel

Laurie Moylan is one of the insulation industry's most respected members. The Moylan family has been involved in insulation since 1974, and Laurie has been President of the Australian Cellulose Insulation Manufacturers Association (ACIMA) and technical representative of the Insulation Standards Committee for 25 years.

Foilboard reflective insulation arrives

In 1991, insulation became compulsory in Laurie Moylan's home state of Victoria for the very first time. Being concerned about the wall insulation productsaround at the time, Laurie saw the need for an alternative to traditional bulk insulation.

After a great deal of technical research Laurie hit upon the idea of a slimline rigid panel insulation panel with reflective foil on both sides. He invented a patented manufacturing system that could laminate thin reflective pure aluminium directly onto both sides of a polystyrene panel, and an ink whichcould be used as anti-glare on one side that did not interfere with the reflective nature of the foil.

Changing the face of foil insulation

The slimline nature of the reflective insulation panels meant that Foilboard® Insulation Panel could be easily installedin walls of residential homes and commercial buildings. Once installed, Foilboard created at least one, and often two, reflective air spaces which increased the thermal efficiency of the insulation system, and the overall R value of the building.

The ability to work in tandem with these still air spaces is one of the keys to the Foilboard panel's excellent thermal efficiency. In walls, in ceilings and underfloor, the combination of cutting-edge slimline insulation panel and highly reflective still air spaces creates a tremendously effective thermalbarrier, eliminating thermal bridging in most applications.

Creating the perfect foil insulation panel

With many members of the building industry being used to doing things a certain way, Laurie's ground-breaking insulation system tooksome time to catch on. Between 1991 and today he worked on perfecting the manufacturing process, creating an extremely reliable, highly durable, incredibly efficient rigid panel insulation system.

And he succeeded!

Foilboard reflective insulation today

Foilboard® Insulation Panel has become the ultimate time-saving, space-saving, cost-saving insulation system for the residential and commercial sector. Its slim profile, lightweight, durable and extremely thermally efficient nature has ensured it has become the preferred insulation product for the discerning builder, architect or home owner.

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