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Foilboard Insulation panel has been insulating Australian homes since 1991.

Foilboard's ease of handling and complete coverage have made it a popular choice with owners and builders. Foilboard requires no protective clothing for comfortable handling and it replaces two products in one lot of handling.

Once fixed in place, Foilboard will maintain complete coverage for the life of the building. As it covers the frames, there can be no loss of effectiveness via thermal bridging through the frames.

Foilboard Insulation Panel is a particularly sound choice of wall insulation for homes built of concrete, bricks and other potentially porous materials.

As there is no building paper in Foilboard Insulation Panel, it is impervious to moisture and protects the home from absorbing damp. Foilboard will not delaminate because of contact with moisture.

Foil board insulation Panel provides such reliable weather protection that in many instances builders have been able to proceed with inside trades ahead of their brickies.

Installation is a simple operation that can be carried out by the builder, the home handyman or by our foil board insulation installers.

Note: We supply rigid panel insulation to Section J specification in accordance with the Building Code of Australia.

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